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Last time we were at Whistler, we had a nice group ride through some of the Lost Lake trails, more colloquially known as the Zappa trails. So we're doing it again! It's a 6-mile loop and takes (guessing) a little over an hour, depending on fitness. I don't remember any crazy climbs, and there are certainly no wacky stunts you can't opt out of. See for a little more.

We'll meet you in the tunnel outside (whether you rent from there or not—it doesn't matter) at 3:30 on Thursday, and we'll go from there. You'll want to bring a water bottle or at least fill your belly beforehand. The weather should be perfect. In case of rain, I'll try to find some alternate trails that are rideable in wet weather. Looking forward to riding with you!

The local bike rental places (in easy-peasy walking distance) are open from about 9am-6pm, so this puts us in range for hourly rentals. However, I recommend reserving now, as they were already sold out of large-size frames when I got mine a week ago. Gateway Bikes ( has always been good to me. Tell them you'll be doing the Zappa trails, and they'll set you up with the right bike. People like, too.

Additionally, I'm going to be doing some sunrise rides, maybe 5:30am-7:30am, likely a bit more technical and faster-paced, if anybody wants to join me for those.

Hoping to see you on the trail!

—Erik Rose