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We're currently planning a scuba trip for Monday morning. It would be highly recommended to arrange to arrive Sunday night using the proper procedure for doing so. One would need to leave time to travel in the morning using a rental car or carpool.

Planning is taking place in Slack in the #scuba channel. Here's some of the details...

We're considering running the trip through Sea Dragon Charters, since they're highly rated and close to Whytecliff Park.

Here's what I was quoted... "For a full set of equipment we have the wetsuit package $89.95 and the drysuit package $119.95. These packages include everything you need for diving except the tanks. Tank rentals are $15.00 for aluminum 80's, $20.00 for steel 100's. Assume two tanks. Dive Master hire for two dives is $250.00."

We'd split the dive master cost and pay individually for any rentals and the extra night of hotel or Airbnb near Vancouver.

Additionally, the dive company rep mentioned, "Visibility will be less then we get in the winter. June you can expect the first 10 metres or 32 feet to be poor visibility but once you get below the plankton bloom it opens up! I would highly recommend taking lights with you not so much for seeing each other but we have a lot of unique species that tend to hide in cracks and under boulders!"

Due to the added difficulty from poor visibility near the surface, assume you should have an open water license or better.