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This page contains all of the important details for the Apps Developers project (

Elevator Pitch

Imagine you're a web developer and you want to learn about this Open Web Apps thing. The Apps Developers project focuses on explaining what this is, what you can do with it and how to build a web app, providing you with guidance and resources along the way.


Project Status

  • Phase 2. (see below)
  • Target release date: Q3 2012 goal

Developer Hub vs. MDN

To avoid confusion and duplication, the distinction between the developer hub and MDN is important:


  • provides tutorials and end-to-end guide from ideation to publishing/maintaining an app
  • outlines platform capabilities
  • links to resources
  • provides links to download key developer products, like development templates, web components
  • has examples and excerpts
  • limited scope to "interesting aspects" of the apps stack
  • does not go into nitty-gritty details of APIs and all conceivable tools


  • Canonical source of all docs content, even the content displayed as part of the dev hub (devhub pulls specific data from MDN)
  • has in-detail API documentation, for all relevant APIs
  • covers the entire web stack

Development Phases

Phase 1: General Apps Landing Page and Tutorial

Phase 2: Turn Developer Hub into a one-stop destination

Draft-template-image.png THIS PAGE IS A WORKING DRAFT Pencil-emoji U270F-gray.png
The page may be difficult to navigate, and some information on its subject might be incomplete and/or evolving rapidly.
If you have any questions or ideas, please add them as a new topic on the discussion page.

marketplace.m.o/developers should be a one-stop destination for developers who want to develop open web apps.

DevHub Structure


Whiteboard Drafts

Nav Structure

cf. whiteboard drafts for sketches

  • Global structure, always visible:
    • Front page (placeholder. "Developer Hub", perhaps?)
    • Developers
    • Partners
    • Support
  • Front page sections:
    • Platform pitch (borrow from phase 1 content)
    • Developers
    • Partners
    • Support
  • Developers page:
    • Get started
      • HTML5 etc. (technology basics)
      • Manifests etc (parts of an open web app)
      • Application types / security model (TBD) (not in August unless we have content already? Mark?)
      • tutorials and examples
    • Design it
    • Code it
      • Firefox Dev Tools (Nightly+responsive mode)
      • emulators test environments (not in August)
      • templates (mortar)
      • web components (x-tags)
    • Publish it
      • Hosting / packaging
      • Payments (Wil?) (not in August)
      • Metrics (Wil?) (not in August)
      • Updates (not in August?)
      • Marketplace submission
  • Partners page:
    • Reach
      • Firefox OS - Emerging Market/New smartphone users
    • Open
      • Based on standard web technologies (limiting/eliminating fragmentation)
      • Capturing a native like experience using standard web technologies
    • Choice
      • Direct User-Developer relationship
      • Light Approval Process
      • No need to resubmit apps for updated content
  • Support page:
    • Landing page: Where to find help about open web apps and the marketplace

Implementation bugs

Tracking bug: bug 782374

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Content pieces

Existing/in-progress content

Planned content

  • landing page for potential partners.
  • Developer support ("stack overflow") (- Ibai, Janet)
  • additional tools/tutorials
    • backend pieces for mortar (Heroku? - tofumatt)
    • "appsync", lean cloud data storage for client-side apps (- ianbicking)

Next Steps

Tentative steps, after August developer release (Questions? Ask!):

  • User research on developers interacting with "previously unknown technology" documentation
  • Derive IA
  • Redesign nav structure for devhub accordingly
  • Visual design
  • Separate MDN content from devhub content
    • cease pulling MDN content in directly
    • develop concise, polished stubs for devhub specifically
    • provide one or more external links to MDN at the bottom of each of the stubs
    • investigate "player card" (contextual MDN content) inside those stubs
    • investigate contextual navigation for people reaching MDN from devhub