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As a member of the Army of Awesome, replying to someone's tweet is easy. Here are some signpost messages you can use to point people in the right direction -- we've even added the links for you! Feel free to tweak and personalize these however you want. And if you have an idea for a snippet that should be added to this list, add your suggestion.

Attention: The part before the first colon is the title that is shown only to our contributors, the part after the colon is the part that people on Twitter will see.

Welcome and Thanks

  • Welcome to our community: Thanx for joining Moz! You're now part of our global community. We're here if you need help
  • Thanks for using Firefox: Thanx for using Firefox! You're not just a user, but part of a community that's 400M strong
  • We’re a non-profit organization: Hey, I'm a Mozilla volunteer. Did you know there are 1000s of us worldwide? More here
  • Tip & tricks: Getting started with Firefox? Here are some tips & tricks for getting the most out of it

Using Firefox

  • Customize Firefox with add-ons: Have you tried add-ons? Cool apps for shopping, music, news, whatever you do online. Start here:
  • Add-on reviews: Getting started with Firefox? Add-ons personalize it w cool features & function. Some faves
  • Upgrade Firefox: Hey, maybe you need to upgrade Firefox? New version is speedier with a lot more going on. Download:
  • Update plugins and add-ons: Have you updated your plug-ins and add-ons? Should work out the kinks. Here's the place to refresh:
  • Firefox Sync: Tried Firefox Sync? It’s awesome! Switch computers & it saves open tabs, pwords, history. Try it:
  • Firefox Panorama: Heard about Firefox Panorama? It groups and displays your tabs, eliminating clutter. Give it a whirl!


  • Fix crashes: Sorry your Firefox is crashing :( Here are quick fixes to prevent it in the future
  • Slow Firefox startup: Firefox needs a refresh. Here are tips to make Firefox load faster
  • Quick Firefox fixes: Have you tried Firefox support? If their quick fixes don't help, volunteers can assist!
  • Ask SUMO: Maybe ask SUMO about this issue? Firefox’s community support team. They’ll know what’s up:
  • High RAM usage: Firefox sometimes uses more memory than it should. Try one of these easy fixes
  • Firefox is slow: You can make your Firefox fast again. Try out these steps:
  • Firefox doesn't behave: Sorry your Firefox doesn't behave. Check out the tips here:

Get Involved

  • Get involved with Mozilla: Want a better web? Join the Mozilla movement. There is something to do for everyone. Get started:
  • Join Drumbeat: Want to spark a movement? Mozilla Drumbeat is your chance to keep the web open and free. More info:
  • Become a beta tester: Become a beta tester! Help develop the next Firefox. You don’t have to be a techie to contribute:
  • Mozilla Developer Network: Open up the web & make it better! Build web pages, apps and add-ons here: Mozilla Developer Network
  • Report a bug: Thanks for finding a bug. It makes everyone’s Firefox experience better if you report it. It's easy:

Add your suggestions

The snippets below address the most common replies we've seen, but we're always looking for new ideas. Add your suggested snippets below, and be sure to include a link as well.


  • Changed search engine: Some software probably changed it - not Firefox! This link might help you fix it though:
  • For people who say they are trying the desktop beta: Let us know what you think!
  • For people who say they are trying the mobile beta: Let us know what you think!
  • My favorite for people who are just cursing with no specific problem: Y U NO LOVE FIREFOX?
  • Blank Twitter pages: Are you getting a blank page? That's a known issue, one that you can fix!
  • Open link in new tab: Did you know you can also open a link in a new tab using by middle-clicking (scrollwheel)?
  • Refresh button too small: Did you know you can also refresh pages using the F5 button?