Auto-tools/Goals/2013Q3 Postmortem

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What went well

  • [ctalbert] got a lot done!
  • [jeads] landed datazilla UI (only ~5 quarters late!)
  • attending other team's meeting (where we are working closely with them -- fx os perf for instance).

What didn't go well

  • [ctalbert] goal process was weird w.r.t. all-company goals
  • [ctalbert] It was my sense that we bit off more than we could chew and we didn't really have any means to focus on just what we wanted to accomplish that quarter.
  • b2g - things that depended on releng fell through
    • b2g - overscheduled ourselves a little bit.
  • Hardware deployment issues are still outstanding (web page test, etc)
  • Could have done better interacting with the developers in necko for the webpage test project. In general, we could have done better about communicating sooner and more completely with them. We had a case of mis-matched expectations.
    • Details: It broke down around how to define the requirements around modern SSL testing (SPDY etc).

Things to try next time

  • [ctalbert] Narrowly focus on what we're delivering (that's a change made in Q4)
  • [mcote] Always try to set the goal such that dependencies (on IT, security, etc.) are decoupled from the main outcome (deliver code, set up testing system, etc.)
  • [jgriffin] set goals that are also supported releng goals
  • [jgriffin] don't make goals that essentially require driving rel-eng (e.g., gaia tryserver)
  • Try to get more involved and attend the weekly meetings for the dev teams we are working with (when we're working closely with them)
  • Maybe try sending some poor soul to the releng meetings - if there is a project focused meeting we could attend with them.
  • Propose a releng - ateam b2g meeting to help keep releng in the loop