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The A-team is broad, and we do many different things. Which is great for volunteers because you have tons of opportunities to get involved regardless of your skill level. In all the positions detailed below, you'd be working with an A-team mentor on one of their current projects. If you're interested, or if you're still undecided, drop in on irc (#ateam channel) and talk to us.

The Designer

  • Do you have an eye for making web properties beautiful and useful?
  • Can you create a visual design across several web sites so that they can share a similar theme?
  • Are you a fearless CSS wizard? Or are you determined enough to keep hacking at it until it looks the way you want?
  • Can you use graphics programs and create gorgeous images?


Our web sites need consistent style conventions that fit into the Mozilla brand. The Firefox brand toolkit is very useful for Mozilla as a whole, but we would like to take it a step further. We would like to recruit a designer that can help us come up with a set of shared media assets, (css, images, html templates) that are specifically branded for the ateam that also fit into the Mozilla brand that we use on every site we build. We could look as awesome as we actually are!

The Python Crafter

  • Do you have (or are willing to learn) Python skills?
  • Do you want to learn how to code with an eye toward python code reuse and well-designed interfaces?
  • Are you excited about helping to create the underpinnings of an automation infrastructure that runs hundreds of thousands of tests every hour, every day.


We are in the middle of an effort to transition our python libraries that form the basis of Mozilla's Automated Test Infrastructure into several classes of well defined modules, with well-specified and meticulously crafted interfaces. This is a great experience for someone who'd like to learn some Python.

See bugs at

The JavaScript Aficionado

  • Have you built websites before?
  • Are you in touch (or want to get in touch) with the latest elements of JavaScript?
  • Would you like a spot on the front row of how the Mozilla platform interconnects?


All the automated test harnesses have JavaScript elements that enable them to plug directly into the platform. These automated harnesses are always being expanded, changed, and created. Jump in here, and you will get to learn how the Mozilla platform is put together and how the automation frameworks test some of the world's most popular open source software products.

The Web Generalist

  • Jack of all trades, master of none?
  • Do you have experience working with web sites and web design?


You'll find that our code is not so different from what you do on the web, and in fact, many of our tools are actually small web sites. Help us make these sites better, and help us create new ones for new projects we're working on. It's a great opportunity to mix and match with CSS, JavaScript, Html, and Python.