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This page contains current backlogs as of 2013 Q4.

Marionette (mdas)

  • Project Link, TBD
  • Current Goals
  • Owner: Malini Das (mdas)
  • Team: Jgriffin, AutomatedTester
  • P1 - (crossteam)Fix WebDriver compatibility problems; implement missing commands
  • P1 - (internal) Split monolithic Python repo into separate packages
  • P2 - (internal, stability) Improve handling of socket errors

B2G (jgriffin)

  • Project Link, TBD
  • Current Goals
  • Owner: Jonathan Griffin (jgriffin)
  • Team: mdas, ahal, wlach, davehunt, rwood, AutomatedTester
  • (defer to Q1-2014) perf tryserver? - DANGER no clear requirements
  • (defer to Q1-2014)(with gaia and rel-eng) running tests via github pull requests

Bugzilla (Glob)

  • Project Link, TBD
  • Current Goals
  • Owner: Byron Jones (glob)
  • Team: mcote, dkl
  • Complete reviewboard integration
  • Complete memcached changes
  • Deploy to github
  • Deploy versioning scheme for API

Android Automation (Gbrown)

  • Project Link, TBD
  • Current Goals
  • Owner Geoff Brown (gbrown)
  • Team: dminor
  • (Q1?, crossteam) Fix printf debugging so it doesn't go to logcat by default
  • (Q1?, crossteam) Update x86 emulator system images to SDK 18; fix agent for android 4.3
  • (Q1) Android 2.3.x on pandas?
  • (Q1) Update panda images (maybe using AOSP)?

Platform Support

Work with releng to ensure builds and tests are running for these platforms

  • Mac os X 10.9
  • Windows 8.1
  • EC2 Windows Build and test
  • Windows using 2013 Compiler (To remove PGO issues)


  • implement something to know how often our dashboards are used
    • web page tracking/analytics software
    • irc keyword counters
    • bugzilla activity
  • Orange Quarantine Experiment
  • turn off passing tests
    • directory based
    • [dminor] are we still interested in looking at code coverage as well?
  • forecastingtool
  • define a good orangefactor number? 3.14
  • manifests - is this goal worthy, or a side project until it finishes
  • [dminor] investigate using Heka on a small project?
  • [dminor] initial support for servo automation?

QA Automation

  • Create a tool to help watch and observe community member's involvement / engagement across projects; to highlight community members in danger of dropping out and/or community members who are ready for bigger challenge
  • Setup a tryserver similar to mozmill-ci to get assistance in running tests with local patches applied.

Mozbase (ahal)

  • Structured logging for additional harnesses (reftest, xpcshell, marionette, ...)
  • Consolidate JS and python structured loggers