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Some times you want a BMO account that is not a real person. That's okay -- in fact it is a good security measure!

However this comes with some problems -- if we (the bmo admins) can't tell who owns a bot, and we have to make a decision that might break we have no way of informing the owner except to break it and wait to hear back. This list below is by no means mandatory, but if you fill it out, we can help avoid future breakages!

If you include a link to the repo, things can be even smoother.

If your bot misbehaves, we can tell you about it rather than just blocking it.

Bot Requirements

All bot and automation users:

  • must have a `bots.tld` bugmail by 2020-06-30
  • must use the REST api by 2020-06-30
  • if they have elevated privileges must use a API key by 2020-06-30
  • should be listed in this registry unless there is a business reason not to list them publicly
  • when they modify bugs, they should leave a comment that the bug has been modified by a bot unless it does not make sense to

Bot List

Make sure you created your bot account, with the relevant groups, filing a bug in

Bot Bugmail Owner Bugmail API (xmlrpc, jsonrpc, bzapi, or rest) Token or API Key Repo
delivery-checks@bots.tld rest api-key
pulsebot@bmo.tld rest api-key
phab-bot@bmo.tld rest api-key tools-treeherder xmlrpc Username/password GitHub's Bugzilla integration
intermittent-bug-filer@mozilla.bugs tools-treeherder rest api-key
orangefactor@bots.tld Treeherder team rest api-key
webops-kanban@mozilla.bugs atoll Unknown Token Unknown Unknown Token (github) Unknown rest api-key
release-mgmt-account-bot@mozilla.tld rest api-key
slaveapi@mozilla.releng.tld Unknown Unknown
flow2bugs@netops.bugs unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
webcompat-bugs@mozilla.bugs rest api-key TBD
pulgasaur@mozilla.bugs rest api-key
moc-queue-bot@mozilla.bugs rest api-key git-internal/puppet/modules/moc_bug_queuemon
omphalos@mozilla.bugs rest api-key
bug-husbandry-bot@mozilla.bugs ehumphries@moco rest api-key Bugmasters/Projects/Bug_Handling/Bug_Husbandry rest api-key; phabricator-token rest api-key; phabricator-token
wptsync@mozilla.bugs rest api-key rest api-key Unknown / Phabricator use rest api-key rest api-key rest anon
bteam-dashboard@bmo.tld rest api-key
conduit-dashboard@bmo.tld rest api-key
jitbugs@mozilla.bugs n/a n/a Watchable Account for JavaScript JIT Bug Reviews n/a n/a Automated Bug Generation for RelOps rest api-key
security-baseline@bots.tld rest api-key
hlundberg@bots.tld sstruble@moco rest api-key n/a
n/a rest api-key private Google Sheets scripts
n/a rest api-key private KNIME workflow (read-only)
n/a rest anon
n/a rest api-key rest api-key
updatebot@bots.tld rest api-key
socorro@bots.tld rest api-key rest api-key
testrail@bots.tls  ?  ?