Balkans/Events:2010/Skopje/Balkans 2010 video streaming

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Streaming team

The team that will work on providing stream:

  • Milos
  • Gorjan
  • Edo


Can someone form this team specify what's the upload/download speed of the link that they need?

I will need to send those specs ASAP to the ISP so they can start planning about what technology and link size to deploy.

  • 5MB link granted

Streaming server

Paul Roget said that it's possible to use Air Mozilla Icecast, but he'll first need to check with Asa. If that works out, we're just gonna need to have a pipeline to a stream server, which means just to send the video signal to it.

  • Milos has access to Mozilla's Icecast (video streaming) server


What types of cameras we can have, what cables to connect camera to computer, and who will bring a laptop to be used to stream a video.


We decided to stream only a public event day. Maybe we could stream directly the sessions which would take on the first part of the day(sessions for general public), and then just record (and not stream) the workshops and use that video material to create a video that we can publish later.

Also, it'd be nice to do a few interviews and a video poll with attendants.