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Getting Around

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia
[map marking all the important points is here.]

  • If you are arriving by train/bus, you have 2 options.
  1. Get on a bus from the station "Train Station" that is just outside the international bus/train station (marked on map), take the bus 22 to the station "Simpo" and from there is a 3 minute walk to the hotel.
    22 Bus Ride

  2. Get on a cab (right at the exit) and ride to the hotel. It is more expensive and will cost you ~3/4 EUR in rush hour.
  • TBC: If you are arriving by airplane, you will be greeted at the airport exit by a waiting cab driver with a sign with your name. He will take you to the hotel, Mozilla will cover all the costs.

Taxi and Bus

A taxi starting fair is 50 MKD (~0.8 EUR). From the hotel to the center is no more than 60-70 MKD tops.

The best local taxi numbers companies:

  • 15157 - Lotus Taxi
  • 15152 - Nashe Taxi

Buses are running around the city almost all the day till 12:00. A ticket on the bus costs 30 MKD (~0.5 EUR).

Ask Gorjan for more info if needed.


The local currency is Macedonian Denar (MKD). EUR is not a currency here and 99% of the time will not be excepted. The Denar runs about 61 MKD ~ 1 EUR.

Exchange offices located at the airport and in front of the hotel.

Emergancy Numbers

  • 192 - Police
  • 193 - Fire Department
  • 194 - Ambulance