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Saturday Notes

- William & Bogo Intro - New Faces = Let's introduce ourselves! - Community Update

   ⁃    All here except Brian
   ⁃    Many presentations in Univ
   ⁃    Firefox 4 Party had huge attendance
   ⁃    #fail to establish connection with 
   ⁃    Representation on all local events
   ⁃    Weekly physical meetings will be done
   ⁃    Vibrant l10n team
   ⁃    demo party ideas
   ⁃    10 active contributors
   ⁃    Roles should be assigned
   ⁃    Website transition from drupal to WP
   ⁃    More pages in English
   ⁃    Fx4 Party has big
   ⁃    Social Media outreach
   -    Firefox l10n done
   -    Thunderbird l10n on the way
   ⁃    SuMo l10n
   ⁃    Social Media outreach
   ⁃    Fx4 party
   ⁃    New local website (new look!)
   ⁃    Delegation of activities (l10n etc)
   ⁃    Offline campaign for fx4
   ⁃    News and social outreach
   ⁃    Support was a focus
   ⁃    L10n had some hiccups 
   ⁃    Updated website
   ⁃    Two big events (fx4 party)
   ⁃    Mozilla Days
   ⁃    Thanked Albanian Translation team
   ⁃    Social Media is the way of organizing
   ⁃    Planning next big events
   -    Needs it's web site, Milos had to clear things with Mozilla
   ⁃    5 people but very active
   ⁃    Mostly l10n
   ⁃    Social Media outreach (new attempts on marketing)
   ⁃    Simplifying l10n =  bringing new contributors
   ⁃    More ideas on how to grow
   ⁃   l10n of Fx done by Free Software foundation
   -   Bday party + presentation done on Fx4
   -   Recent 3 breakins of, maybe a wordpress 0day hack, moved to Drupal for now

- ReMo Update - L10n Update

   7,000,000 + active users in Balkans
   More than double over the past 3 years
   Mozilla World Ready
   A project to provide a global perspective for mozilla projects concerning 1l0n
   Changes on release cycle
   Pontoon <Try it!
   L20n update
   Vito - l10n from localizer's POV

Reality Check FULL OF TYPOS PLEASE HELP post it notes reflecting the current situation

   More community meetups
   We do everything as community and we are really productive
   ReMo project is going to rock
   Meetings help contribs being more motuvated
   MozBalkans meetup speitit
   Increased No of contribs
   Community is growing
   More people are using community webs
   Communication and familiraity in the community
   It is good to be heard and listended and see your impact
   Recruiting new contributors
   Local events
   Firefox 4 campaign
   Is great that mozillians are so cautious about l10n
   Over progress so far
   Firefox has more improvements
   Firefox is back in the Game
   Keyboard shortcuts
   Firefox Sync
   Pretty much everything (logos, graphics, thunderbird and content dev)
   Skype calls
   Using IRC
   Meeting medium/tools
   localizers should not be expected to have programming skills
   translation procedure is too complicated
   l10n needs too many tool (all you need is a browser)
   weird l10n file formats
   doesn't support updating l10n
   lack of translation memory
   lots of unfinished l10n
   Low participation for the balkans call/apathy
   Loneliness isolation no movenmet
   Edo discouraged about mozilla / l10n team
   not enough enthusiasm
   Albania has very low delegation
   Delegation is low
   Headcount is low
   People do not know how to start contirbuting
   Our calls are not so good
   All the time we are repeating
   l10n is always the focus
   We need more managers to help starting locales
   Product Marketing
   Mozilla monster logo is terryfing
   Restarting firefox when installing addons
   Thank you
   Geeky Friends introducing me to Mozilla
   All those who organize Moz Balkans
   Balkana mOzilla community for orgniinz 
   Bogo for orgnainzgn
   for the presentations on every mozilla balkans meetup
   Bogo Georgy Emo
   Bogo Vito for driving the meetup planning
   Microsoft IE6 such a bad browser
   Fedora for making me a mozilla contributor
   Bogo and Ganfdalf
   to people to show the ways to help others
   for understanding being part of Mozilla
   Willam & Pierros for making ReMo 
   Miloc and Pascal for their assistance
   Slovenian community for support
   Seth for all of his team building efforts
   WilliamQ, WillamR, Kerim , Milos , Mary
   William for the Post-it idea
   Feature requests
   Awesome bar needs to pull results as you are typing
   lets grit the release the numbers and swith to a feature driven release model with silent updates
   Make Fx not comperable to any browser
   Mozilla has bad support on Linux (open source people are our best friends)
   Thunderbird for mobile
   Rememeber all my installed addons and prefs after clear install
   Automatic translation for webpages like in google chrome
   Let locarizers do l10n instead learing who-is-doing-what etc
   Centralization of l10n
   Atract more contrbs for marketing
   Poppularize in business envitroment
   More live local community meetings
   Next organizer should lead the community till next meeting
   Mozilla Balkans Demo Party
   Better way to collaborate
   Share with everyone, time you can spend in Mozilla each week
   Heavy usage of Events Calendar

Discussion on Post-its Meeting on Skype?

   Kostas suggested to move on IRC
   Gandalf agreed and said they are doing the same for
   Bogo said that IRC takes a lot of time
   Chofmann asked what we did on the meetings
   William outlined the structure
   Nice quality on skype *but*
   No notes have been taken so far
   Rotating leadership did not work out
   Pierros suggested one leader till the next event
   Chofmanm suggested to start planning for next event from now so we can focus on the content of it (Vito agreed)
   We should prepare presentation for each meet-up (every community)
   Pushing responsibilities to the edges (WilliamQ)
   We should make talk schedules(Chofman)
   Record the meetings... so that no-one misses them

Last Session

   Mozilla logo 
   Restartless installation of addons
   Organizing Meet-ups >> good thing
   Translation tools