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This page will collect all ideas for inner-community meetup. The main idea for this meetup is not to have (so many) talks from Mozilla in order to show us, what is going on at Mozilla, but to have working sessions all day to strengthen the community.

One session will be at least 1h in order to get the things done.

Draft Schedule

  • Welcome notes
    • Someone will tell us some good words
  • What I did last winter
    • Every community will have at least 15 minutes in order to show what they did.
  • Sessions
    • Inner-community + Mozilla reps sessions
    • Multitudes and diversity of localization tasks and how to cope with it
    • What kind of projects can we offer to people ready to get involved?


Note:: Feel free to add your own session or to add ideas to an already proposed one.

  • How to work better together
    • The main idea of this session is to find the way and tools to work better in the Balkans area. I think some kind of a large-scale paper-based anonymous Peer2Peer review will be nice. Anyone can fill anonymously in a paper what he/she is feeling about the community and after that we can make a summary with pros and cons.
  • How to speak with * (stars)
    • How to speak with medias, how to get them interested in what we are doing. How to talk with SME or some parts of government or artists in order to talk about OpenWeb. There are too may target groups we want to touch - How to send the right message to the right group.
  • Reality check: how have our commitments been doing?
  • Think globally, act locally or Getting Ready for Join Mozilla
    • What are the jobs/tasks on hand for the local environment
    • How do I map Manifesto to my local conditions
    • How do I connect to and enrich the local FOSS network
    • How do I attract additional manpower and get it involved
    • What steps are to be taken for Join Mozilla
  • Pontoon (Matjaž Horvat)
    • Current status of the in-place website localization tool.
    • Feedback.
    • How to get involved?

A Quest

While reading this information, please add your name AND your favorite Balkan singer/group bellow:

  • Bogo
    • Franko Krajcar
  • Gorjan
    • Vlado Janevski
  • Heroid
    • Troja
  • Igor
    • Vlado Janevski
  • Vito
    • Lačni Franz
  • Altin
    • Jericho
  • Matjaž
    • Vlado Kreslin
  • Milos
    • Irina 2HOT