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When and Where

The First Balkan Meeting in 2012 will take place in Zagreb, Croatia from May 11th to May 13th at the Hypo Conference Center.

Beautiful capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is situated in the northeast part of the country. It is a Central European city that was first mentioned in history books thousand years ago and has emerged from two nearby towns. Zagreb is strong commercial, transit and cultural center of both Croatia and region. Zagreb was in it's "Golden Age" during Baroque period, and it still has that warm, rich charm. Experience of Zagreb was enriched in past 20 years in nice mix of modern and archaic. We believe you will all find Zagreb very enjoyable!

About the Meeting

Balkans Meeting is a gathering of representatives from all countries and communities that belong under Balkans Region.
We expect that meeting will be interesting and productive, but also fun and enjoyable for everyone who will participate in it.
There are many things around Balkans that need to be fixed or done and we hope that this meeting will help us do that and make a change.
Finally, it's time to revive Balkans Region and get it back where it belongs - on the top!


During previous months we talked about our problems - both in communities and region.
Based on information we collected, the list of topics for Balkans Meeting was made. You can check out what we plan to do during this meeting here.

You can check all changes we do in Agenda here. Check it out regularly! It's a little bit different than original plan. :)


So, who is coming to Zagreb?
Only the most funky crew on Earth, that's for sure! :)

Check out the list of participants and guests here.

Procedure for participants

We are happy that you are visiting us in Zagreb!
Please, let us know a little bit more about you so that we can make your time in Zagreb phenomenal and memorable.
Follow procedure explained here.


Everything you need to know about your travel, accommodation, venue, transportation, food and other stuff. Click here


See Aftermath section below.


If you need someone in charge for Balkans Meeting in Zagreb click here.


We created Aftermath page. Please add your slides, blog posts, photos and thoughts about this meeting here!