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Please feel free to add any thank to people who helped plan this event, or people you met that inspired you in some way.

  • [marcia] Thanks to Ioana for all her hard work planning this event and for being such a gracious host during my stay in Romania.
  • [marcia] Thanks to the Serbians for some great dinner conversation on Friday night.
  • [christos] A huge "thank you" to Ioana for organizing Ioana's meetup AKA MozBalkans. "Seriously girl?", simply AMAZING work!¡
  • [marcia] Thanks to Christos for leaving Bucharest in one piece? No more breakage :)
  • [marko] Thanks everyone who were in Bucharest, everything was well organized, people were friendly and mostly helpful.
  • [marko] Thank you Marcia for everything.