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Local Events

If there is an event in your region and you are planning to speak about Mozilla, please enter the information bellow.

Local Events
Date Country City More info Materials (*)
16 October Kosovo Gjakova Mozilla day organised by FLOSS Kosova and supported by Mozilla at the local library in Gjakova called "Ibrahim Rugova", there will be three people presenting Mozilla and Firefox. link to facebook event
29 October 2010 Slovenia Ljubljana H5C3 meetup -- Slovenian meetup for everyone looking to use the latest and greatest web standards. H5C3 Slides
20 - 21 November, 2010 Bulgaria Sofia OpenFest is annual conference, dedicated to the free software, free culture and free knowledge sharing – gala days of fans, creators, supporters of the open source software in Bulgaria.

(*) Upload slides or any other information after the event.

Other events

If there is an event and it will be nice for Mozilla to attend, please enter this information here:

Local Events
Date Country City More info
9-10 April 2011 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo Bulgarian Web Summit 2011