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Pierros will initiate the skype conference. If you want to be in the call, just add skype id: liknus and ask to be invited.

The meeting will happen at 20:00 CET, on 15th February 2011. To see your local hour please check here.

Also, please visit #balkans channel on with your IRC client. In case you don't have one, install addon for Firefox, or visit Mibbit chat, choose Mozilla from the drop-down list, type in your nick in the left box, type #balkans in the right box and click on go button.


  • Next Balkans Meetup (updates from Bogo)
  • Several days ago I have sent out the note about Mumble server. At this point not one comment came about it. So, do we need it/discussion on the call or I can use it my way and stop thinking about it?
  • In Ljubljana we decided (again on what we intend to do - see To check how far we have actually gotten few months later, be a sport and enter your data here:
  • Final Design for FX4 Promotion - how to promote the promotion
  •, help testing


  • Not a lot of info yet, Bogo asks of you to vote on the quest page.
  • A scheduled test mumble server next tuesday with Edo. Ping him if interested.
  • Localization tracking, Milos has already made page here, so we will use it instead:
  • The new design is being tested for the size of the QR code, Pierros will have a ping on that.
  • needs to be tested as a new version is in the making. Ping Milos for more info on that topic.