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Meeting Agenda for Thursday July 22nd, 2010 @ 8pm CET

Dial-in info:

Skype call initiated by William (Skype ID: jawxies) - if you have never joined the call on Skype, contact William so he can add you to the call.

Agenda points (owner in paranthesis):

  • General update and overview of 5 goals we set for the next 6 months
  • Next organizational steps
    • discuss Milos' suggestions for meeting schedule and format
    • explanation of rotating "leadership" of Balkan region - Aleksandar Savic to be next bi-weekly meeting coordinator (ie. he will get project updates from all community leads, moderate the next two bi-weekly calls and designate a note-taker) (William)
  • Whistler update from community leads present (Milos/Bogo/Gorjan/Alina)
  • current and future projects and next events (update from Alina and Pierros)
  • (update from Alina/Milos)
  • Market research update (Milos)
  • Any other business (All)


  • Pierros unable to organize Mozilla event in Athens earlier than October 2010. Will give update soon and identify some possible dates to hold the event
  • 2 events organized by Albanian/Kosovo community in Kosovo and Albania in September. Mike to give more details during next call.
  • Milos preparing document for all Balkan communities to provide fraemwork for market research in the region. Milos to distribute document shortly
  • No updates from Alina on various ongoing projects (as she was traveling) - updates to be given during next call