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AleksandarS ok as you may se in etherpad there is agenda
AleksandarS it is covering a lot of topics
AleksandarS (small amount of topics but with huge points )
elnino_slo ok let's kickstart!
AleksandarS ok now question for everyone because this is writing meeting do you ale have read my mozcamp raport?
fredy yes
gentt yes
AleksandarS Yes / no so I know should I paste it again here
Nikola yes
ioanachiorean|home yesl
elnino_slo Yes
altin yes
ioanachiorean|home but you can always link that also to the notes
gentt paste it in another etherpad if you want, don't flood the channel
ioanachiorean|home for offline readers
AleksandarS ok it will be in notes
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AleksandarS ok I pasted major part of email
AleksandarS so you all could it read
AleksandarS please go fast over it and thing
AleksandarS ok we already have one question
AleksandarS 1. Rapid releases blocking Balkans efforts? What exactly is blocked?
AleksandarS ok these rapid releases are bloking marketing campaigns so we dont have firefox release parties any more and l10n team need
AleksandarS to speed up with translating
elnino_slo i think that's the case..
mathjazz I suggest we organize Firefox birthday parties once a year instead
AleksandarS yeay great idea
smo why not a release party every six weeks - and Im not kidding -
fredy ^^good idea
elnino_slo In slovenia we are still organzing parties..
Nikola Good idea, but also, if you have enough people, time and will, you can organize Release parties too
smo - or every odd or even release;\
ioanachiorean|home and we could also run for round numbers or at a major changes
Nikola as we plan here in croatia
fredy smo: you ve got a point
AleksandarS what you thing about celebrating every 10th version 10 20 30 .. ?
ioanachiorean|home minimum
Nikola for how long will that rapid releases last?
elnino_slo once a year is my suggestion
ioanachiorean|home I will think for example at 11 when NAtive will be launch for mobile, which is a major change we should have something prepared
mathjazz AleksandarS: there will be 9 releases every year so it's pretty much the same frequency as birthday parties
smo @Nikola - rapid release cycle is here to stay
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RaulM agreed for once a year
ioanachiorean|home as minimum
ioanachiorean|home not maximum
ioanachiorean|home right?
Nikola also, number of version will be removed from firefox, all you will be able to see if you have newest update or not
ioanachiorean|home exactly
AleksandarS ok so we will mainly use this idea to organize once a year firefox birthday party balkan wide ?
mathjazz ok
ioanachiorean|home we'll celebrate major features
ioanachiorean|home ok
elnino_slo Alekandar let'ss vote..
fredy but firefox parties gather people so I think is better to have them more usually
ioanachiorean|home fredy I think this oncce a year
mathjazz elnino_slo: vote on what?
elnino_slo Who's for once a year? (vote)
AleksandarS of course every community could have more than one but for balkans only one ? start voting 1 = one 2= more
ioanachiorean|home is for balkans wide party
ioanachiorean|home communities can make more than one
Nikola ... and find some other special thematics, something else that is not release party, fredy
fredy I see
elnino_slo 1
mathjazz guys, every community should decide when is the best time to hold a party, I'm not sure we want to have Balkans rule on that one
smo I abstain
gentt We can make events like every 2-3 months
ioanachiorean|home mathjazz this one is for all balkans /same time.. communities cam make more in their countries
gentt it doesn't have to be for the release party especially but for Firefox
Nikola mathjazz, agree with that. I'm also not sure how to organize something that "small" everywhere in Balkans at the same time
gentt in general
gentt and we mention the release and features of that time during that event
AleksandarS ok vote no 2: 1= only one , 2= more than one , 3 = not to be conected with balkans
gentt because having 9 releases per year
gentt the year has 12 months
gentt overhelming
gentt a event every 2-3 months
elnino_slo during the recession we need to minimize the parties
Nikola 3
gentt is fine
AleksandarS please vote
gentt what are we voting?
smo It is every community to its own situation. We make it sound like Firefox Next release it the big Kahoona.
AleksandarS please follow meeting ! vote no 2: 1= only one , 2= more than one , 3 = not to be conected with balkans
elnino_slo 1
Nikola 3
smo There is enough news to keep things moving.
fredy 1
gentt 1
ioanachiorean|home 1
AleksandarS 10 sec more to vote
smo 3
gentt and ......
AleksandarS done
AleksandarS voting is done
mathjazz I see Balkans community as a great resource for collecting ideas not directly telling communities how many parties to hold, so I don't see the point in voting for this one
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smo mathajzz +1
gentt +
gentt +1 for mathjazz
AleksandarS 4 votes for first , and 2 for third
AleksandarS and we will disscus about this more later (maybe next month or so)
RaulM 1
smo I understand vote 1 as "only one, or less"
AleksandarS ok now what you think how to get balkans back please write short ideas and first put your name on etherpad and when I ping you than write your idea and
smo without our subjects, specific to Balkans it is a questionable proposition...
AleksandarS all other sould be reading that idea and every idea will have 2 or more minutes for disscusion
AleksandarS smo go aead and write your idea here
RaulM where?
ioanachiorean|home RaulmM from etherpad to IRC
AleksandarS ok smo but what is your idea
AleksandarS how we coud start
AleksandarS ?
RaulM this link not working:
ioanachiorean|home for me it does ...hmm
elnino_slo it works
AleksandarS it works if you add a minus at the end
AleksandarS ok smo it seems you don't have any idea
ioanachiorean|home his link had minus
elnino_slo I think that smo wants to help other communities (localization)
AleksandarS ok but I see only questions that will be in my meeting notes
RaulM hmm, minus at the end
AleksandarS ok anyone wants to coment this ?
AleksandarS what some wrote on etherpad
Nikola dont see how can one countrys localizators help other countrys
ioanachiorean|home maybe it will be great to have a status for each country or even to see how each country does the locaalization
AleksandarS what we should do for this l10n team if we have these results
Nikola there is, you can also check, for example, verbatim and similar
Nikola mathjazz, maybe you could answer on this?
smo see
Nikola you have your hands on localization
elnino_slo Guys and girls.. come on let's give some ideas or comment.
ioanachiorean|home nikola I was reffering to have improvements and tricks updates , not procents of the tranlations
smo check - even this has not been done
AleksandarS ok we made decission on our round-table in berlin to have community helpers persons that wil help other communities in some jobs or better to say procideures like l10n , sites and others
smo we have Narro author(s) on Balkans etc ... there's a lot one could do for each other
Nikola that was one of my questions. You have those people working that job in mozilla. Why assembling people from local community for that same purpose?
AleksandarS for expl. what ?
Nikola I also read there in that summary that there should be some community sites helper
AleksandarS above wuestion is for smo
AleksandarS ok smo seems a little lazy so we are going on
smo if they are helping (and Milos is AAA) no problem ... but look at the history of l10n Balkans ... and we are all trying to help
Nikola I have great experience and i got great support from people working for Mozilla. I don't see the point for having "helpers"/coordinators/however you want to call them just for balkans region. this is something that is the same here as it is in other parts of world
mathjazz Nikola: what exactly would you like me to answer?
gentt Nikola: sometimes they are busy and simply can't help you
Nikola mathjazz, i think we went over it and possibly solved it. About localization, there were some questions
gentt Anyway
AleksandarS yes they are helping whole world and we need to have our local that are always in same time zone
AleksandarS and can answer our question on time
gentt Guys we need to have a more constructive meeting, we are talking some things that we discussed 1 year ago.
mathjazz I agree with Nikola, we already have l10n and sumo and marketing SIGs, mailing list, IRC channels
elnino_slo I think that "old" localizers can give some advice (tools, etc..)
gentt Our main mission right now is to get Balkans back in track
AleksandarS yes gentt I know but we are Balkans
AleksandarS yes
gentt I knowwe can change that
Nikola gentt, yeah, they are all busy. They solve smaller issues and questions pretty quick, and bigger important more slowly. Take that in mind, you will bump on the same problem because those people will be at the end, again contact those slow people to do big things. And if you consider that, you just put another person in the way
AleksandarS ok I must go over this topic so stop writing about it please
AleksandarS Ioana comentted this [Ioana ]: I think It will be great to know what is everybody using for localization, and if they find out faster procedures or tricks.
AleksandarS ok it is cool
AleksandarS but we will move to next topic on agenda
AleksandarS what is for you most important thing we should do / have in next few months to unfreeze balkans ?
AleksandarS more frequently irc (skype) meetings ?
AleksandarS more people to join?
AleksandarS more frequently to look on statistics of market share ?
AleksandarS share your thoughts ?
ioanachiorean|home +1 on look over statisticks
ioanachiorean|home + 1 for meetings
Nikola strenghten local communities first, educate volunteers (HR/PR/Legal/other), then start thinking about regional plans
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fredy Nikola: +1
AleksandarS ok great point nicola
Nikola meetings - great, but on IRC, and without last minute changes
AleksandarS *nikola
RaulM +1 for IRC meeting
Nikola Statistics and market share - good idea, try to find a person/more than one that will regulary check it and record it.
AleksandarS egh we will discuss about way we make meetings on our mailing list because we really need other way and it is really important for us to have talking meetings and not writing one
gentt I am for IRC but not like this meeting
gentt we should do it topic by topic
gentt I really think we should setup meetbot
AleksandarS ok I already have that in my notes
gentt So we will have meeting minutes with actions and agreements to keep in mind after the meeting
Nikola Just a little bit offtopic: I will send tonight or in a day or two an email to the balkans mailing list about Croatia, what we did (not public projects), and how we work. That structure and behaviour works perfectly for now
altin More meetings on IRC > +1 and btw we somehow need new ideas to keep the comunity alive
mathjazz Nikola: looking forward!
fredy gentt: +1
altin something we havent done before
AleksandarS ok greate point too it would be great that everyone do same thing
Nikola Regarding meetings: organize meeting more in advance. Open ether earlier, so that everybody can THINK and brainstorm about specific topics and subtopics, before realization of meeting. Also practicing in Croatia and everyone work more smoothly with more quality. there are finished great ideas on meeting, not so many thinking and loosing time. try it
AleksandarS and please this is call for others to chat about what to have to do in next month done ore to have established very soon (everyone join us in this chat)
AleksandarS yep you are right nikola
AleksandarS ok now I would ask you to define one thing we shoud do or have in next week as goal ?
AleksandarS one thing that we will analysing or doing for week or two
AleksandarS what yoou think?
AleksandarS maybe redesigning our balkans wiki page?
Nikola (not sure what to suggest, really. Again, its much more easier and thoughtful that everybody think of idea or two in advance, present it and then to pick the best of all that good ideas)
Nikola Balkans wiki need attention, indeed
altin Nikola: is right probably we should have some time to think for an idea then vote the best one and apply it...
AleksandarS ok I wrote that down , ( and I also planed for this call to announce everithing before two or even three days but I had problems with the Internet
AleksandarS but are you guys / girls angry on me or you ale aren't creative , no inspiration ? ??? strange ???
mathjazz nobody is angry at you AleksandarS
ioanachiorean|home I am thinking but no great ideas appears
ioanachiorean|home +1 mathjazz
fredy AleksandarS: not angry with you, I have not much to say as at least here we are trying to orginize and gather more people to our community
altin same here ..
ioanachiorean|home we all apreciate the effort to make balkans moe active in balkans community
RaulM +1 ioanachiorean|home
AleksandarS ok what you think on topic redesigning our wiki so it would be better for finding informations like statistics or who is contact person for wich community or what do you think?
ioanachiorean|home +1 for each
ioanachiorean|home from me
altin yap we should do that to.
Nikola I agree and are ready to offer help and to contribute, as much as my time will let me. (right now I have three different teams and 4 projects running in Croatia, they all need special attention and "tutoring" :S)
Nikola How could we arrange that? Update of balkans wiki, i mean?
Nikola anyone still here
AleksandarS I think we should do like our ideas and thougts pasted in one other etherpad and after two or three days to start a special team that will do like case study for it what we need and what not
AleksandarS I mean this is my proposal only
gentt I am here
AleksandarS and then create all this like we hade same in remo and others projects because our actually page is not so much good for getting infos about our work, am I right?
ioanachiorean|home yes
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Nikola not 100% what you are suggesting, aleksandars
AleksandarS ok I will need to close this meeting because we are losing our participants
AleksandarS we will disscuse more on mailing list about this all
ioanachiorean|home will u sent an e-mail as a follow up?
ioanachiorean|home ok
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=-= Mode #balkans +o mathjazz by killer
AleksandarS yep I will send notes and other things too so maybe we start soon our great Balkans project
RaulM not losing particpants ...
altin im here too
fredy me too
RaulM ioanachiorean|home: attached this log for romanian community?
ioanachiorean|home yes , I will - all conversation?
RaulM yes
AleksandarS matjazz have pinted a good thing on etherpad
altin I see, I was reading it
mathjazz I pasted it on IRC but it got rejected
AleksandarS great pint and I agree with all that you have wrote
AleksandarS *point
ioanachiorean|home +1
Nikola I have many questions and topics for discussion, but almost all of them must be done in person, hard to do it over chat or something like that. This is why I wanted Balkans Meeting in May
AleksandarS but if we arent connected and don't have special jobs or goals balkan wide what we will doing on meet-up events
ioanachiorean|home and for questions/ help we can use mailing list
Nikola and i still stand behind that, still not dropping on my efforts to get it and organize it
Nikola I already did some talk with Brian, Pierros, William and some ReMos about it, we got great reaction and positive feedback, there is a support for that meeting in Zagreb
ioanachiorean|home great
Nikola We already have some special topics and debates in mind
AleksandarS ok that is great but what sessions will be ther if we don't have 6 months anything worked on or no goals in wiki too ?
Nikola it would be good to work something until then, but what you are not considering that there are opened questions already
AleksandarS but why are these debates closed for others from balkans I mean why didn't you talked about that in mailing list or here on irc
ioanachiorean|home 1. it can be like at MozCamp - knoledge sharing - presentation
RaulM what is your opinion for this: - one owner of the project to be identified to drive project for all communities ?
mathjazz ioanachiorean|home: +1
RaulM (one of next stept after sofia mozilla balkans)
Nikola The post for group were almost ready when Gentt stepped in. And I talked with Council before because there is probably no point in getting everyone delighted about meeting and that in the end they say "no, no way"
mathjazz AleksandarS: all three meetups were doe in that fashion more or less
Nikola afterall, at that time, i wasnt sure "where to apply" and who to contact
Nikola (that was explained to me later)
AleksandarS matjazz I agree
AleksandarS RaulM what you think by your question , do you mean on our community steward for 2 months?
Nikola also, regarding our balkans, we also wanted to offer you different thematics, workshops, something to learn, something to see, but also discussions, debates, etc etc
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RaulM Alexandars:no
mdupont hi
mdupont sorry i am late
Nikola but when initial concept is finished, I will talk with all of you again about that
elnino_slo guys this meeting is not going anywhere.
AleksandarS ok it is cool but you shoulld do that from start so we all can share our thoughts on particular things because we relized that our main problem is we arent trasparent for everyone
elnino_slo and girls
AleksandarS elnino I already closed meeting so we are just doing post meeting talks that maight help us
AleksandarS *that can help us
AleksandarS sorry
Nikola OK. I will start two new topics tonight or in the morning: About croatia, structure, work, what is done and what is planned. Second: about Balkans Meeting in Zagreb, some outlines, ideas, etc.
AleksandarS ok please do it
Nikola have to go soon. It would be great if somebody would be willing to copy rest of conversation and post it somewhere. Or at least send it to me, if nobody else is interersted
ioanachiorean|home ok
ioanachiorean|home I will try
AleksandarS I will done everithing about sending notes and others
Nikola thx a lot
AleksandarS Ok but so we don't have anything to do for next week?
AleksandarS no one have idea or suggestion , raul had something but nobody commented or explained is it good shoud we have this =
AleksandarS *?
Nikola what with editing balkans wiki? we dropped that idea? I thought of contacting you about that, if you dont post anything...
Nikola now i am confused
Nikola anyway, have to go, please send me the rest of discussion. Cya!
AleksandarS me too there are participants that come and say something and then they disappear so I canot say it is our global made decission
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AleksandarS sorry I lost connection
AleksandarS I'm back
ioanachiorean|home there was nothing added
Nikola Me too
Nikola but not for long
AleksandarS ok than we will end this meeting for now and I will send you all notes and logs from this meeting and I'm really sead that we didn't make any
ioanachiorean|home ok.. we'll wait for the mail
ioanachiorean|home and don't be sad
AleksandarS big decission or some goal for next week except few ideas that are uncleared jet
ioanachiorean|home we might move realy slow
ioanachiorean|home but we move
ioanachiorean|home and we'll try to make things work better
AleksandarS yep ,
ioanachiorean|home and the main important thing is that we want to keep balkans
RaulM small step, but important step
RaulM we are FOUNDERS for next generations
AleksandarS I hope in future we will have more participants and I will give my best to make balkans agan really good project because I know that balkans is good place fro newbies to learn more about mozilla and about their local communities I mean regional
RaulM lear about mozilla and FLOSS in generally
AleksandarS yep
RaulM don't worry
RaulM future is Mozilla