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Meeting notes:

  • Demo Party - Held about Mozilla Labs features, and showing off visualizations and game like possibilities in the browser it's self. For all that are interested in hosting a Demo Party, keep track on the mailing list for more info, and consult Pierros if needed (the Greek party will be held in July).
  • Turkish&Kosovo Community website renovation - Recommendations will be on the mailing list where a separate discussion will take place.
  • Marketing - Nino and other community members exchanged ideas about marketing Firefox and doing presentations in local colleges.
  • ReMo Balkans - The project is kicking into action and there are already 12 new Balkan representatives. It's a cool and new way of organizing events and requesting swag.
  • Firefox l10n - The new Firefox launch has got 7 new locales and for the 6 launch more locales are being de-betaed (like Bosnian and Serbian)
  • The new wait-in-line technique seemed to work great and community members loved it. We'll stick with is on the next meeting as well, and we'll go over it again then to get everyone who missed out up-to-date on it: