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Meeting notes

  • Mozilla Macedonia successfully moving forward with their goals on having high school(s) using open source software that is up to date.
  • Ljubljana update
    • Possible venue(still to be decided)- prison!
    • Public day event probably on Thursday, leaving Friday to Sunday for internal meeting with all the contributors and staff
    • Focus more on software localization
    • Decide on schedule
  • Start researching the market based on Market Research template by Brian and William
    • Next call host is Milos, and after that 2 calls(4 weeks, that is) will be lead by Bogo


William Quiviger will initiate the skype conference. If you want to be in the call, just add skype id: jawxies and ask to be invited.

  • Update from Macedonia concerning localization
  • Ljubljana update (Brian and Matjaz)
    • Location
    • Date
  • Marketing research
  • Vote for next call leader.