Balrog/Meetings/Balrog Worker Brainingstorming - July 19, 2016

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bhearsum, fkang


  • Current status:
    • Balrog Worker is written and working on fkang's laptop
    • It takes input in the form of pointer to a Task which has a manifest artifact on it, and:
      • Downloads the MAR
      • Verifies the signature
      • Uploads it to S3
      • Submits metadata to Balrog
    • Requires Balrog instance+credentials, Taskcluster creds, S3 creds
    • Has a Dockerfile image that works, based on the Ubuntu image
  • We discussed where the Balrog Worker code should live and decided it should stay in its own repo because it's a separately built and deployed thing.
  • We talked about how to do local dev a local Balrog, and decided that the best thing to do is:
    • Use the existing Docker images from Balrog
    • Create a docker-compose.yml for Balrog Worker, and set it-up to:
      • Point at a local Balrog instance by default
      • Use a user-specific Taskcluster Queue on production Taskcluster (because we can't run that locally)
      • Disable uploads, and use Taskcluster Artifact URLs instead (because it's complicated and potentially expensive to do uploads to S3 as part of dev)
  • Overall TODO list:
    • Move Balrog Worker Docker images to a the Mozilla Dockerhub account
      • bhearsum needs to get credentials for this
    • Code review on Balrog Worker
    • Make it possible to disable S3 uploads
    • Create docker-compose.yml for Balrog Worke.