Balrog/Meetings/CloudOps - June 22, 2016

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  • Discussion about load graph of RDS database, spikes seem to correspond to nightly cleanup jobs
  • Remaining migration blockers:
    • IP whitelist verification
      • RelEng Machines
      • Human access over VPN
    • Create prod infra, ensure that it works
    • New TLS cert with aus4+aus5
    • Move DNS to CloudOps r53
  • Pick a date for cut-over
    • Aiming to cut-over at least 5% of traffic next week
    • Aiming to be 100% cut over before July 18th
  • Migration process
    1. Move 5% of requests to CloudOps via round robin
    2. If things look good, slowly ramp up the percentage (10%, 25%...100%)
    3. Cut over via DNS
  • Benson to roll out prod public app cluster
    • Will do some testing with curl, probably comparison of current prod vs. new cluster for the same requests.
  • Might be a good idea to see Zeus config for aus properties

Action Items

  • Verify IP whitelisting (bhearsum)
  • Create public prod cluster (mostlygeek)
    • Verify cluster (mostlygeek+bhearsum)
  • Get new TLS cert for aus4+aus5 (mostlyceek)
  • Move DNS to CloudOps route53 (ckolos)
  • Get a copy of Zeus config for aus domains (bhearsum)