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Introduction to CampusParty Brasil 2011


(Fabricio summary, contains some bias, simplifications, rants and personal judgements)

  • Campus party is a week long LAN Party that happens every January in São Paulo - Brazil.
  • People camp indoor and bring their desktop computers to use the fast internet connection that is provided by a big and hated telecom company that is the event's main sponsor.
    • A good ammount of the audience are kids that wait the whole year for this opportunity to play games without lag and to download as many bittorrent movies porn and tv shows that they can get in four days.
  • It is somewhat more chaotic than FISL and slightly less focused on the talks/conference side of it, although there are speakers and schedules for a bunch of areas, all related with technology
  • Wozniak is the main international guest this year, in past editions the event had other big names like Lessig and Tim Berners Lee
  • the thing is huge, 7k people or so, there are lots of bullshit, like any huge-corporate-sponsored-gig, like tents full of adverstisement, posers of all kinds, etc. However, once you filter the bullshit out, it is actually an important Latin America event to attend since the local communities use this time of the year in their schedule to gather and meet.
  • bring your earmuffs! the noise is almost unbearable and even though the spaces reserved for the talks have microphone, you will sometimes have to yell to be hearded, or just wait until the group of random flash-mob kids that is passing by go away. there are no rooms for the activity, everything is under the same giant arena

There is also a portuguese version of this page, with other ideas at

Campus Party General Organization and Support

Event Organization


Dia 19/01/2011 (quarta-feita) Bancada 2 9:30 ~ 10:15 - 610. Universal Subtitles - Felipe Sanches (a.k.a. "Juca")

Dia 20/01/2011 (quinta-feira) Bancada 2 20:30 ~ 21:15 - 605. Mozilla Jetpack - Criando extensões para o Firefox - Armando e Hernan

Dia 22/01/2011 (sábado) Palco 09:30 ~ 10:15 - 425. Firefox 4 and Internet Gaming Freedom - Jono

Who will be there

  • Rodrigo Garcia (Brazil)
  • Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva - "Pitanga" (Brazil)
  • Rodrigo Padula (Brazil)
  • Felipe Sanches - "Juca" (Brazil)
  • Clauber Stipkovic (Brazil)
  • Jonathan Silinis Xia - Jono (USA)
  • Armando Neto (Brazil) - 16 9712-8810
  • Ricardo Pontes (Brazil)

Ps: Only confirmed people!

Ideas of Activities

there are over 25 random ideas of activities on can someone copy/translate some of them here?--Fczuardi 17:50, 15 December 2010 (PST)

Proposed Activities

Mozilla Keynote

We've request a special slot in the event agenda for a Mozilla popstar. We think that John Resig or Brendan Eich are good names for that slot.

Jetpack Hackfest

Looks like Rodrigo Garcia is helping out, and maybe working with the Campus Party organization, to have this specific event settled. He is awaiting confirmation from the organizers. This event would be a hands on experience so people can learn how to make a Firefox extension using Jetpack. The latin-america Jetpack Ambassadors are the following. They are not yet confirmed to the event.


  • Rodrigo Garcia - Campus Party Staff - Free Software Committee
  • Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva - Free Software Committee (self-managed activities coordinator)
  • Rodrigo Padula - Local Contributor
  • Marcio Galli - not going so far - can be used, after 30 December, only to review talks of contributors, and perhaps to give some comments to demonstrations, and help out with motivation ( in case someone took your motivation from you, marcio can motivate you back to work and focus )
  • Clauber Stipkovic <>