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Mozilla Action in Telecentres Acre

The aim is to spread the message of Mozilla, and discuss their products (Firefox, Thunderbird ...), where we discuss issues related to the Internet, frequency of access to sites, safety tips, tips for good use of Firefox and how can I work with Mozilla. The target audience are users of the telecentre. Telecentres are equipped with computers with access to high-speed Internet, using open systems such as Linux. Have used as their distributions, Fedora, Ubuntu, Madriva, and the Firefox web browser.

Target Audience

Telecentre users, teachers and students.

Event Data

  • Official Site: Floresta Digital
  • Date: 30/06/2012
  • Country: Brazil
  • State: Acre
  • City: Rio Branco



  • What is Mozilla?;
  • Products of Mozilla;
  • What is your internet browser;
  • Introducing Firefox;

Second time:

  • Frequency of access to sites;
  • Safety Tips;
  • Tips for proper use of Firefox;
  • How to work with Mozilla?


  • Telecentre Theater Barracão
  • Location on Google Maps

Contact and organizers

Lenno Azevedo
Mozilla Representative
E-mail: lennoazevedo AT gmail DOT com
Twitter: @lennoazevedo

Jeferson Carvalho
Mozilla Collaborator
Twitter: @Jefersonsouuza

Photos of the event