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Mozilla Action in University

Mozilla Action in Universities is an event where people get to know about the importance of free and open Internet, the benefits of using free software and how to collaborate with Mozilla to make a better web.

Event Data

Mozilla Activities


  • Sustainability of projects with free software and open standards. By Evaldo Junior @InFog9
  • Free Software. By Paulo Oliveira @kretcheu
  • Free protocol for intercultural communication. By Paulo Oliveira @kretcheu
  • How to collaborate with Mozilla without writing code. By Ricardo Pontes @ricardopontes
  • Firefox, much more than a browser. By Fábio Magnoni @FabioMagnoni
  • Migrating to free systems. By Fábio Magnoni @FabioMagnoni


Music Attractions

  • Onda Sonora
  • Fora da Ordem



This are the results/impacts that this event caused to brazilian community and the next steps that are planned

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