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FISL 14 - International Free Software Forum


About FISL

The FISL is held annually in the city of Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The forum is one of the biggest events in the world and the largest in Latin America. Mozilla will be present during the 4 days of the forum, with activities for the audience.

Event date

July, 3 to 6 - 2013


This year we are planning to assemble a lounge in the booth area. The idea is to have a nice and attractive space were people would like to come and stay for while with us. We imagine this space with bean bags, projection and maybe a small stage. We are calling it "Firefox OS Lounge".

The lounge will be the stage for some of our activities during the event like the Hackathon and the SUMO sprint.



Sergio Oliveira - - +55 16 9786 3202


  • Flights: Sergio
  • Sponsorship: Sergio
  • Hotels: Mariana
  • SUMO event: Ralph Daub
  • Hackathon: Adriano + Andre + Morvana
  • Dinners: Luana + Maicon + Morvana
  • Trainings and preparation of Volunteers: Adriano
  • Press: Adriano + Guillermo

Mozillians participants


Name Role Needs Credentials? Needs Flight and Hotel?
Adriano Cupello PR Yes Yes
Andre Garzia Speaker / Hackathon Yes Yes
Armando Neto Speaker / Hackathon Yes Yes
Andrea Balle Sumo Sprint Yes No
Edivânia Dias Sumo Sprint Yes Yes
Eduardo Madrid Sumo Sprint / Lounge Yes Yes
Elisandro Nabinger Hackathon Yes Yes
Evelyn Madrid Lounge Yes Yes
Fabricio Zuardi Speaker / Hackathon Yes Yes
Fernando Silveira Hackathon / Lounge Yes No
Guillermo Movia Sumo Sprint / Lounge Yes Yes
Iuri Martins Sumo Sprint Yes No
Luana Freitas Sumo sprint / Lounge Yes Yes
Luigui Delyer Lounge Yes Yes
Maicon Ferreira Sumo Sprint Yes No
Marcio Galli Speaker No No
Mariana Mioto Sumo Sprint / Lounge Yes Yes
Morvana Bonin Hackathon Yes No
Ricardo Panaggio Speaker Yes Yes
Rodrigo Padula Speaker Yes Yes
Rodrigo Waters Sumo / Lounge Yes Hotel only
Santiago Ferreira Sumo Sprint / Lounge Yes Yes
Sérgio Oliveira Speaker / Hackathon Yes Yes
Vagner Ribas Hackathon Yes No


Name Role
Felipe Gomes Hackathon / Lounge
Francois Marier Speaker
Lucas Rocha Speaker
Mark Surman Speaker
Ralph Daub Sumo Sprint
Ben Moskowitz WebMakers advocate
Bobby Richter WebMakers advocate


  • Volunteer attendance: 24
  • Employee attendance: 7
  • Total Attendance: 31


Pontifícia Universidade Católica-PUC-RS - Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil



Link to etherpad of budgeted hotels:

From the hotels that are on the list, the Eko Hotel Residence probably has the best cost-benefit.


Pro-travel is taking care of flight reservations.


Link to etherpad of budgeted restaurants:

Suggestions are still welcome :D


Activities Confirmed


  • talk — talks properly submitted through FISL community review process.
  • -moz- (talks arranged)
Type Title Author/Facilitator When Where
-moz-Talk Firefox para Android Lucas Rocha TBD TBD
Talk Firefox OS e Ubuntu for Phones - Conheça duas plataformas livres promissoras Fabricio Zuardi July 3, 2:00PM 41D
Talk Mozilla e Django: um casamento e tanto! Armando Neto e Sergio Oliveira July, 3 11:00 AM Room 41B - Daemon
Talk Emscripten: compilando de várias linguagens para JavaScript Ricardo Panaggio July 3rd, 12:00 AM 41C
Talk User logins: can we do better than passwords and avoid centralized services? Francois Marier July, 5 10:00 AM 41A
Talk B2G para hackers — Gecko, Gaia e Gonk Marcio Galli / TelaSocial July, 5 16:00 P11
SUMO Evangelism What is SUMO? Ralph / Vagner / Maicon Daily @ 16:45 Mozilla Room
SUMO Sprints L10N and Support Sprint Ralph / Vagner / Maicon Daily @ 17:00 Mozilla Room

And more to come!


The FISL14 organizing task-force gather up on Google Hangout every Monday at 19:00 (Brasília, GMT-3) to discuss what is still to do and how to make it happen.

The hangout links are published on the community-brasil mailing list.

Etherpads used so far

Please, Let's Keep It Open!

The group of volunteers maintaining this page, the weekly FISL planning meetings and the actual volunteers participation in this event should be informed and consulted about all planned FISL activities and parallel efforts of other groups. We don't like surprises and last minute imposed stunts, please be open! Close-door meetings and top-down decisions doesn't fit the openness and transparency we are trying to achieve here.