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About the event

First "Front in" event in the NE of Brazil. One of the most important event regarding front end on NE.

Front in Maceió will happen on November 13th to 16th, with a lot of activities:

  • Hackathon
  • Workshops
  • Talks on two simultaneous tracks

The objective of the event with these activities is not only bring people who work with front-end, but also people from digital marketing, web design, UX, Agile, Mobile, Software Architecture, and much more.

Date & Venue

Date: November, 13-15 Venue: Centro Cultural e de Exposição Rute Cardoso Address: R. Celso Piatti, S/N - Jaraguá, Maceió/AL

Mozilla participants

We'd like to have one extra local participants, to involve the local community.

Mozilla presence

  • Firefox 10th anniversary activities
  • Talk on getting more people involved (Panaggio and Mel)
  • Lightning talk on Firefox OS (msaad)
  • Localization sprint (Everyone)
  • Firefox OS workshop (Everyone)
  • Mozilla space on event lounge (Everyone)
  • Mozilla Games Night after event (Mozilla games during the after party) (Everyone)

Organizer: Panaggio| msaad


November 12th

Traveling to Maceió

November 13th (pre-pre event)

  • Firefox OS Workshop

November 14th (pre-event)

  • Firefox OS Workshop
  • L10n sprint

November 15th (event)

All day long:

  • Mozilla space on event lounge
  • During the event: Talk
  • During the event, at the end: Lightning talk
  • After event: Mozilla Games Night

November 16th

Traveling back

If by the time we'd buy tickets, buying the next day is cheaper than on this day (which is a Sunday), we may buy the next day ticket, because we're staying on a very, very cheap hostel.


Mozilla Brasil: Come and join us!

Mozilla, a non-profit, has the great mission of keeping the web in our hands. Several people around the world contribute as volunteers to this mission, in all areas of knowledge. In Brazil, we have our very own community, Mozilla Brasil, which is without any doubt the most happy and fun community across all Mozilla local communities around the world. Do you want to save the web and have fun with us? Com and join Mozilla Brasil!

Firefox OS lightining talk

With Firefox OS, we as Mozilla opened a new world of possibilities for developers. By breaking paradigms and transforming the web into a mobile platform, we've created a powerful and innovative OS. On this lightning talk, we aim to provide a quick insight of how a Firefox OS app works; How fast it is to hit the ground running and have your app deployed in a matter of seconds. On a 5 (possibly 10 minute talk), we'll create a survey app asking "Did you like what you heard about Firefox OS and want to know more?" with a counter displaying the results on screen. We'll ask for people to vote and afterwards we'll let them know we're going to have workshops and more.


Firefox OS workshop

It'll start with a talk about how to develop to the platform, and we'll help people work on their apps for the hackathon that will be happening there.

L10N Workshop

On the day of the event, we'll decide what project needs attention the most. We'll probably work on Firefox OS review, Webmaker/Appmaker translations.

Mozilla space

On the event lounge, we'll have a space dedicated to us, where we would present what people could do as a community member, to get more people involved.

We'll do to do Firefox 10th anniversary related stuff on our space!

Mozilla Games Night

After the event, they're going to have an after party, and we have a space there to do some games as we did on BrazilJS. This was a very important way to get new contributors on BrazilJS and is totally worth doing again!

We'll do Firefox 10th anniversary related stuff on the Games Night!


TBD after the event

Blog posts

  • msaad - I'll post on how the event go. Possibly a live coverage day by day. Everything is going to be on OPEN-SOURCED platforms.


  • Travel: R$2550 + R$600 = R$3150 (~$1370USD)
    • 3 participants from Campinas * R$850 = R$2550 (~$1110USD)
    • 2 participants from NE * R$300 = R$600 (~$260USD)
  • Hostel: R$400 + R$480 = R$880 (~$385USD)
    • 1 double rooms * 4 days * R$100 = R$400 (~$175USD)
    • 3 beds on a shared room * 4 days * R$40 = R$480 (~$210USD)
  • Food: 5 participants * 2 meals * 5 days * R$25 = R$1250 (~$545USD)
  • Bus: 2 Bragança Paulista/Campinas tickets * R$17 = R$34 (~$15USD)
  • Cabs: R$200 + R$150 = R$350 (~$155USD)
    • 2 Campinas/VCP cabs (hopefully with everyone inside) = R$200 (~$90USD)
    • 2 MCZ/Hostel (hopefully with everyone inside) = R$150 (~$65USD)
  • Stationary (stuff for Games Night): ~R$100 (~$45USD)
  • Printer for flyers (to promote our presence) = ~R$400 (~$175USD)

Total: R$6164 (~$2690USD)


  • Based on my experience (msaad) with the event that I had to go to Aracaju (close to Maceio), cost breakdown was
    • Gasoline both ways Braganca -> Campinas R$70 (~30USD)
    • Tolls both ways -> R$7 each -> R$14 (~5 USD)
    • 5 days of parking -> R$ 17/day -> R$85 (~40 USD)
      • Total cost of 75 USD Compared to total of 161 USD of Bus+Cabs
      • By grouping everyone in a car and parking at the airport, we are cutting transportation expenses in half.

If this is approved, we can make this part of the trip cheaper.