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About the event

5ª Semana Acadêmico de Tecnologia em Sistemas para Internet (5th Internet Systems Technology Academic Week), organized by the Internet Systems Technology course from Instituto Federal Sul-Rio-Grandense, Pelotas campus. One of the biggest events organized by a college related to Internet in Rio Grande do Sul.

Date & Venue

Date: October, 6-10 Venue: IFSul Campus Pelotas Address: Praça Vinte de Setembro, 455, Centro - Pelotas/RS - CEP 96.015-360 Phone number: (53) 2123-1000

Mozilla participants


Firefox OS: the web is the platform

This talk presents the new Mozilla operating system, Firefox OS, and all Mozilla contributions to the Open Web that make it happen: new Web APIs, a lot of new possibilities for mobile app development, Mozilla Marketplace, a new way of publishing mobile web apps and new developer tools for building web apps.


See Reps event


TBD after the event