BrazilianEvents:2014/Semana de Tecnologia da Universidade Federal de Lavras

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About the event

Semana de Tecnologia da Universidade Federal de Lavras (Federal University of Lavras Technology week) is one of the most important events organized by a college related to IT in Minas Gerais.

Date & Venue

Date: October, 27-31 Venue: Lavras/MG Address: TBD

Mozilla participants

Mozilla presence

  • 3 talks
  • booth on the event fair


Firefox OS: the web is the platform

This talk presents the new Mozilla operating system, Firefox OS, and all Mozilla contributions to the Open Web that make it happen: new Web APIs, a lot of new possibilities for mobile app development, Mozilla Marketplace, a new way of publishing mobile web apps and new developer tools for building web apps.

Webmaker: make something amazing with the Web!

Web is becoming the second language of the world, and a vital ability for the 21th century. It's crucial that we teach people these abilities that they need to understand, model and participate actively on this new world, instead of just consuming passively on the web. On this talk, we're going to present tools and materials to teach the web, the web literacy standard, who's behind all this, and how we're creating a community of webmakers in Brazil and how you can be part of this.

Mozilla Brasil: Come and join us!

Mozilla, a non-profit, has the great mission of keeping the web in our hands. Several people around the world contribute as volunteers to this mission, in all areas of knowledge. In Brazil, we have our vey own community, Mozilla Brasil, which is without any doubt the most happy and fun community across all Mozilla local communities around the world. Do you want to save the web and have fun with us? Com and join Mozilla Brasil!


During the event, they're going to have a fair, where sponsors and other companies will probably try to find talents. We're going to have something like a booth there. Our plan is to present what people could do as a community member, to get more people involved.


TBD after the event


The event is going to pay for the major costs of our travel (by bus) and hotel. Travel will take 9 hours, an entire day (or night) by bus. So two days for traveling. The event will take place on an entire week, but we managed to stay there for only three days. So we need food for 5 days.

We also need some money for cabs. We'll be carrying a lot of swag, banners and stuff for the booth, so we can't carry those on a urban bus. And anyway, cabs should be cheap: R$10 from home to the bus terminal, and around R$40 from bus terminal to the hotel (estimated, could be less).

Also, we could have some last-minute stuff to buy for the booth, like printing stuff, stationery stuff, ... I'm estimating it in R$50, but I don't want to spend a cent.

So, the costs in a nutshell:

  • Food: 5 days * 2 meal * R$25 = R$250 (~$105USD)
  • Cab: 2 * (R$10 + R$40) = R$100 (~$40USD)
  • Stuff for booth: R$50 (~$20USD)

Total: R$400 (~$165USD)