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Breakpad Symbol Store Bootstrap and Maintenance

  • Infrastructure should allow build systems to push symbols to the Symbols Store
  • Extension and plugin authors should also be able to upload PDB files for inclusion. NOTE: This may be difficult, because turning a PDB into a .sym requires Windows. Perhaps we can just have authors upload the PDB and the .sym
  • Need to clean up old symbol information (e.g. nightly builds greater than a week old, alphas/betas that are no longer relevant, etc. This will require some mapping from a symbol upload to its buildid/product/version and a flushing date/strategy.
  • Requires delete access to the symbol store
  • Read/write access to the database

NOTE: the airbag processor does not need or use any product/version information to find symbols in the symbol store: all symbols are retrieved by unique image keys or checksums.