Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-Apr-20

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luser, morgamic, bsmedberg, sayrer, dcamp, aravind

Action Item Update

  • ted: come up with way to uniquely identify modules (DLLs/sos) in the database
  • morgamic to continue database work
    • wiki is updated, mostly denormalized
  • bsmedberg to review spreadsheet and reporting requirements against the proposed database schema
  • bsmedberg to come up with crash signature algorithm
    • is pseudo-code, so we'll implement this in the processor
  • aravind to investigate replication possibilities with pgsql


  • 1.9a4 has been moved up to next week, so we're going to miss it for on-by-default
    • But I'd like to get the client pointing to the correct collector location. See bug 378180
  • Now that we've made decisions about the top-10-frames thing, who's going to update the processor to modify the database correctly?

Action Items

  • sayrer: change pylons config for pgsql instead of mysql
  • aravind: will set up to point to staging server (will switch to production server when that is created)
  • bsmedberg: will write python code to generate a stack signature from a report
  • sayrer: will make the processor use the new DB schema
  • bsmedberg:
  • dcamp: to test the mac stuff on PPC (works on intel), and get it landed
  • morgamic: to do 30000000 record dataset for perf testing. Unless things go badly, we should be ready to issue a call for developers next week.

Other Information