Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-Apr-27

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Action Item Update

  • ted: come up with way to uniquely identify modules (DLLs/sos) in the database
  • sayrer: change pylons config for pgsql instead of mysql
  • aravind: will set up to point to staging server (will switch to production server when that is created)
    • Yay!
  • bsmedberg: will write python code to generate a stack signature from a report
    • Not done
  • sayrer: will make the processor use the new DB schema
  • dcamp: to test the mac stuff on PPC (works on intel), and get it landed
  • morgamic: to do 30,000,000 record dataset for perf testing. Unless things go badly, we should be ready to issue a call for developers next week.


  • Go over action items
  • plan for developing reports

Action Items

  • khan-vm doesn't have enough memory. morgamic to work with aravind to do the load testing on the staging machine. today, probably
  • dcamp: the functions which breakpad was using are not available on all platforms we target. Have patch in breakpad to fix this. PPC and intel will both work, should be done by next week.

Other Information