Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-Jul-20

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Action Item Update

  • reports by build id, platform
  • adding mtbf, last crash to processor
  • bug # storage and bugzilla querying
  • graph improvements
  • other?


  • review what was done last week, and plan out the next week
  • summary of M2/M3 tasks
  • ETA for remaining M2 tasks
  • OSCON is next week, who is going?

Action Items

  • Get bonsai changes adam worked on merged with stable
  • morgamic will split up smart analysis tasks into things that are more granular
  • morgamic load testing on production
  • morgamic will add LDAP auth
  • flesh out tasks for admin interface
  • lets you search by email and uuid for users
  • reports per crash to show how many unique users got that crash -- what time period?
  • talk to rob strong regarding extensions data
  • problems with submitting crash reports to stage -- get this fixed!

Other Information

  • OSCON next week July 23-27