Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-Jun-1

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bsmedberg, luser, ispiked, jay, morgamic, sayrer

Action Item Update

  • bsmedberg to attempt to make a VMWare image -- done
  • jay and ispiked to determine path forward with topcrash requirements Tuesday, and will consult with morgamic, bsmedberg, sayrer as needed
    • info separated by buildid important: where to hang the info?


  • How often should we push staging updates?
    • propose weekly (wednesdays?) to aravind -- will use stable branch to allow for destabilizing changes on trunk
  • Client status -- items remaining for a6?
    • Linux, and good bugs being filed
  • Server status -- what features do we need right away?
    • find-by-guid done
    • topcrash by buildid

Action Items

  • luser to post to the newsgroups about tracking numbers
  • bsmedberg to create stable branch

Other Information