Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-Jun-15

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jay, morgamic, ispiked, reed, bsmedberg, luser, dcamp, aravind, sayrer, jay

Action Item Update

  • ispiked to write queries to report group topcrashes by buildid
    • to convene later today... hopefully have something ready to push by Wed.
  • luser to post to the newsgroups about tracking numbers
  • sancus update on smart analysis reports (machine crashed)
  • bsmedberg to track down the infinite-recursion crash and figure out why processing it takes so long (15 minutes!)
    • not done


  • Server leaking memory problems... kinda resolved, but it was a gross hack
  • Smokey's post to m.d.quality: do we need any major changes to solve his problems?
    • Need to turn those into actionable items
  • Linux client:
    • breakpad appears to be working now
    • the GUI isn't done and bsmedberg is nervous about schedule ;-)
  • Morgamic profiling: Hotshot

Action Items

  • dcamp to have Linux GUI by Tuesday-ish
  • ispiked to finish WIP patch for topcrashes-by-buildid
  • bsmedberg to turn Smokey's post into action items
  • sayrer to look at a more systematic solution to the leak problem

Other Information

  • Server hackathon July 9-13