Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-Mar-9

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luser, coop, sayrer, reed, bsmedberg, morgamic, aravind, schrep, jay, justin, damon


  • Outline of current code (luser)
  • Brief discussion of server-side design and requirements
  • Preliminary server available for end of March (1.9a3)?
    • Disk space requirements
    • Expected load
    • Drop-dead reporting requirements
  • What does IT need to begin provisioning servers?
  • Milestone schedule (bsmedberg)

Action Items

  • Aravind to investigate the cost of python 2.4 on the cluster
  • luser to write client code to send buildid with minidump
  • sayrer to separate processor and collector functions
  • jay to find per-day crash report numbers for alpha releases
  • luser to come up with disk-space usage estimates
  • bsmedberg to file IT bug on server requirements
  • bsmedberg to set up VMs for cross-machine testing for sayrer
  • bsmedberg to ask jay for precise requirements for needed queries: short-term and long-term

Other Information

Q: does the collector need to use https? A; yes, the collector needs to be https because minidumps can contain private data

Q: Our cluster has python 2.3.4... is that going to be ok? A: python 2.3 is probably ok for the collector.

Q: Is initial deployment possible by 1.9a3? A: say "end of march" for servers.

The reporting requirements will help define the database schemas we need.