Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-May-18

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bsmedberg, luser, dcamp, morgamic, aravind, ispiked, sancus

Action Item Update

  • luser to keep pestering beltzner and commit stop-gap UI strings if necessary


  • Welcome new participants: sancus (Andrei) and ispiked (Adam)
  • Initial staging deployment... done or nearly-done
    • Ready to turn breakpad on by default
      • On Mac, we'll turn off talkback immediately
      • On Windows, we'll continue to build both, and set a 50% talkback ratio in the installer
      • On Linux, we'll wait for the client ;-)
    • From now onwards, how hard will we work to preserve existing data?
  • Time to begin load testing activities: collector and processor
  • Division of labor: *please* fill in estimated times for spreadsheet tasks
  • progress on individual reporting items
    • topcrash
    • smart-analysis report
    • queries
    • MTBF reports
    • alexa URL report
  • What do we need to verify correct functioning
    • For the a5 release
    • Verify reasonable data from the a5 release itself

Action Items

  • dcamp to implement beltzner's UI mockups, mac mostly done, Windows to be done Monday or Tuesday
  • bsmedberg to post patch to rename instead of delete minidumps
  • morgamic to design load-testing
  • ispiked to take over topcrash reports
  • sancus to take smart-analysis reporting
    • Will split spreadsheet tasks into more manageable chunks

Other Information

  • bsmedberg is accepting ideas on how to do comparison of a5 crash data against a4 (and a5 talkback against a5 breakpad, on Windows)