Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-May-25

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jay, bsmedberg, ispiked, morgamic, luser, dcamp, sancus, sayrer

Action Item Update

  • dcamp to implement beltzner's UI mockups, mac mostly done, Windows to be done Monday or Tuesday
  • bsmedberg to post patch to rename instead of delete minidumps
  • morgamic to design load-testing
  • ispiked to take over topcrash reports
  • sancus to take smart-analysis reporting
    • Will split spreadsheet tasks into more manageable chunks


  • Initial staging deployment...!
  • *please* fill in estimated times for spreadsheet tasks
  • progress on individual reporting items
    • topcrash
    • smart-analysis report
    • queries
    • MTBF reports
    • alexa URL report

Action Items

  • bsmedberg to attempt to make a VMWare image
  • jay and ispiked to determine path forward with topcrash requirements Tuesday, and will consult with morgamic, bsmedberg, sayrer as needed

Other Information

  • complex widgets: jQuery versus scriptaculous, prototype