Breakpad/Status Meetings/2008-Jul-16

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  • Throttling - why are we getting so many reports, how are we going to fix this
    • Change dialog box % to 10% - bug 444033
    • Throttle processor throughput at 10%, delete archived items after 30 days
    • Is 60 days too long? Too much disk space?
    • Should we let people flag certain reports as priority reports before they are submitted? Probably not, but it's possible... ? -- vote to add the parameter to the crash data (JSON) and decide strategy later. - bug 445590
    • How to make sure the right development are processed always and how to auto-archive non-interesting builds? Use channel or build/version.
    • Use branches to set priorities automatically on active vs. non-active product/version/build combinations.
  • Q3 schedule and roadmap
    • Aggregate tables
    • Reporter refactor (python -> php)

Action Nuggets

  • 10% throttling on processor (lars, aravind, morgamic)
  • Get list of inactive or useless crash versions (sam, chofmann)
    • Firefox 3.0a* (all 3.0 alphas including 'pre's)
    • Firefox 3.0b* (all 3.0 betas including 'pre's)
    • (In the next two weeks,) Firefox 3.0 final