Breakpad/Status Meetings/2009-Aug-12

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  • priorities for rest Q3
    • refactor of materialized views - status?
    • frank to test backend on stage, will work with aravind on this
    • aravind to check on stage db
    • 2 days of work to update reporter
    • frank could work on the php files, austin will point him to it
  • admin panel
    • urls most important? (yes)
    • CRUD for the branches table
    • CRUD product_visibility table
    • do we need both tables?
  • selective throttling of reports with comments
    • that's good! :)
    • should pull reports with comments first -- there's a limit
  • status of 3.6 containing on-demand crash submission
    • bug 378528 - hopefully done soon ?? morgamic to get more info
  • SQL issue bug 509288
    • get mike's approval for sql in prod
    • will run sql and fix dupes