Breakpad/Status Meetings/2009-Dec-07

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  • 1.2 production deployment post-mortem
    • what were the weaknesses?
      • staging is "weak sauce" in comparison to production
        • makes it tough to predict performance bottlenecks
        • how do we to move toward getting a better staging environment?
        • is a matter of money?
        • how close to we need to get to production?
      • too compressed on push from staging to production?
        • aravind wants a full day for environment
        • we pushed too much for one milestone: new middleware, all backend services, etc.
      • review of the bugs that came out of it
    • what were the strengths?
      • we did a lot of shit a short period of time
      • the new stuff looks great
      • new services lay a base for great new features
  • 1.3 triage
    • what's in / what's out