Breakpad/Status Meetings/2009-Mar-18

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  • recap of last week
    • really useful and good week overall!
  • pg work project plan (dev, test, migration, production switchover, etc)
    • lars - take a stab at charting the project plan for next 6 weeks
  • next 1-3 months - strategy
  • hardware status / schedule
    • HP DL360G5 (16GB RAM, 2x146GB 10k SAS, 2x E5450 3.0GHz Xeon) + QLogic dual-port iSCSI HBA (QLE4062C)
    • ETA, HP hardware arrives 03/23
    • ETA, QLogic HBA arrives 03/27
  • other
    • stage moved onto slow array
    • dev updates, let lars know before hand
    • when are we going to moves dumps out of the database?
      • are we going to run out of inodes? no, should be okay (256x256)
      • need to figure out storage and lars will file bugs on tracking this work with questions -- will come up with a schedule there bug 484032
      • may need to have data in both places or face an open-ended downtime when we need to migrate