Breakpad/Status Meetings/2009-Oct-21

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  • Trends
    • create python API for JSON output to all trending interfaces bug 523653
    • need nightly crash correlation reports across all firefox releasesbug 521917
    • Need to add changes in rank to top crash reports bug 411397
      • a prototyped python app exists for this
      • can also help with bug 519423
  • Admin Panel
    • Interface for managing product versions bug 454620
    • Expose url for mozuser 415027
    • raw stack dump and registers 411431 (stretch goal?)
  • Eliminate need for deferred storage bug 378528
    • is there a server piece to this? yes, but it has been in place for months waiting for activation
  • Collector changes
    • extend URL bug 521349 - no action yet
    • rework throttling bug 521362
    • is IT ready for a potential 10x increase in traffic?