Breakpad/Status Meetings/2009-Oct-28

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  • notes from meeting with damon/sayre
    • Fast track trends graphs: Crash vol, stacked sigs,
    • ken: long tail analysis
    • signature algo valid?
    • 5 questions + crash kill: good? missing?
    • analyze choffman: 4500 \N reports, why?, correlate with crash stats.

  • Trends
    • ozten and lars are in an exchange about prototypes
  • Admin Panel
    • ryan - update?
  • file system changes for json storage
    • need becomes critical
    • the change affects so many subsystems we must be careful
  • Collector changes
  • On site next week
    • morgamic to discuss schedule and update wiki


  • IT: work on setting up the python webapp server for the json API
  • morgamic: send out discussion notes
  • morgamic: send out on-site schedule
  • morgamic: send out spreadsheet when updated
  • ozten: propose solution re: cacti vs. rollourown/flot trends
  • ryan: all admin panel, all the time -- logins and branch CRUD
  • ken: look at 80%, start discussion