Breakpad/Status Meetings/2009-Sep-09

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  • saving Extensions - status update
    • not on staging yet; should be there by tomorrow
  • saving IP addresses
    • preventative measures in case we get bogus reports submitted
    • warrants a bit of discussion
    • do we really want to keep this data tied to a crash report?
    • can we store it for only a specific amount of time before removing it? yes, but not easily
    • we might be able to do this above the application layer
    • ozten has some details on this (not-zeus, but at that level)
    • for now, let's sit on it. if we want to implement this later, will involve more people in the discussion
  • Materialized Views - status update
    • on staging at the moment
    • quite a few problems with a view of the reports and count consistency
    • griswolf and lars are working on fixing them now
    • topcrashers by signature should be the same as a query for the same thing; not currently true on stage, like a bug that will be looked at
    • hoping to get problems resolved and pushed to production for tomorrow night's push
  • Socorro Bug Triage
    • would like to schedule this for next week
    • ss will be gone, but doing it anyway
    • ss will try and prioritize the "report" bugs before he goes on vacation, but likely not until he gets back
  • other stuff
    • should we set a cron job to update staging based on trunk/some-tag?
      • yes!
      • as part of this, we might start tagging things
      • for now, will take the latest from trunk
      • will update on a cron every five minutes
      • will investigate tagging for the future