Breakpad/Status Meetings/2009-Sep-16

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  1. bug triage status
  2. materialized views update
  3. saving extensions
  4. working with Metrics
  5. other stuff?

Action Nuggets

  • Bug triage
    • Mike to schedule triage session
    • Mike to schedule on-site
    • Lars to set priorities after triage done
  • Materialized views
    • Collecting new version # information to append to IT push to prod
    • Didn't get done until 5pm Tuesday, so push is Thursday 9/17
    • Backfilling done, tables ready to go
  • Saving extensions
    • Also scheduled to go Thursday
    • Lars to file corresponding UI bug

Metrics cooperation

  • metrics team will make crash analysis a high priority
  • our teams need to work together to provide a common solution to our consumers
  • need to discuss ways to work together to avoid overlap or duplication of effort

Division of labor

  • there are reports that we don't have the processing power to achieve
  • we have a lot of raw data available that lends itself well to backend processes
  • need more discussion on who does what