Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Aug-04

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  • bugs
  • Are we done?
  • What do we need to do to whip staging into shape?
  • Dates?
  • QA plans
    • Part of the plan is for QA to submit a set of test crashes from prod into staging and make sure they are processed appropriately by comparing the output in staging and production.
    • Will need help with crash selection:
      • Top crashers for each product?
      • Hangs?
      • What edge and corner cases?


  • General goal of 1.9: replace many DB queries with web service calls
  • Planning (which queries?), triage and bug filing needed
  • We need to build our parts of the PostCrash project
    • Scope: new page in webapp + cron job + new table + some kind of email sending thing for webapp
    • Can we use Basket for mail sending?


  • Onsite dates: clash with platform/QA work weeks so we might have to move

Correlation reports

  • bug 554373 Xavier has a draft API for correlation reports from HBase