Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Aug-11

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  • Staging status
  • Still in progress:
    • Priority processing [ryan, lars]
  • Still to do:
    • Status page bug 579575 [laura]
      • Pull processor info from registrar web service
      • Exactly what can we get from HBase? Queue sizes? Submission time of last processed job? [daniel to comment on the bug]
  • Progress of QA on creating new processor tests [vishal]
  • How are we looking for 8/26 ship? [all]


  • Next steps:
    • HBase
      • Need to analyze [daniel]
        • Which queries will remain running against PostgreSQL?
        • Which queries can run directly against HBase/Solr (with web service to front)?
        • Which if any will be too slow, and how will we manage this? (Fall back to PG?) - possible example: topcrashers
        • Which ones won't we know until we test Solr?
      • Spec out API calls [laura + anyone else that wants to help]
      • File bugs for creation of each API call and divvy them up between whole team [laura] (Will likely not port the webapp to use these services until 1.9.1)
      • Set up Solr [aphadke, deinspanjer] - detailed plan for this by next Wed
    • Filed bugs for PostCrash. bug 585593 is the tracker
    • Other item is support for Jetpack and Content crashes bug 578687 is the tracker.