Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Aug-18

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New team member

  • Welcome Jabba!


  • Status:
    • Minor change to how jobs are submitted to processing needed
    • Status page in progress bug 588491
    • Priority processing done bug 584136
    • Need to write a tiny service to listen for health check requests and makes a legitimate Thrift HBase call for hooking up to IT monitoring bug ???
    • ryan looking at bug 588517
  • QA:
    • vishal: processor testing
    • stephend: frontend testing
  • Still go to ship 8/26


Open Items

  • bug 587736 tm-breakpad01-master01 is running out of disk
    • lars proposes truncating the largest/oldest frames partitions
    • these appear to be write only tables
    • nothing in the current system is reading them
    • do we agree with Lars' daring plan?
      • +1 laura
  • Don't forget to book onsite travel