Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Aug-25

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  • Delayed, not shipping tomorrow.
  • source_daemon memory problems bug 589356 [ted]
    • Talked to morgamic, emailed damons to try and find some assistance for ted
  • New collector -> processor submission staged [lars, deinspanjer]
  • mystery middleware failure
    • silent in logs from Friday morning to Monday evening
    • why so long for anyone to notice
    • restart of apache solved it
  • Status page bug 579575 progressing, doesn't block [laura]
  • QA status [stephend]


  • We have a SOLR server! And it rocks hard, thanks to Anurag and Daniel. Work on the API will commence in a branch shortly. [ryan, laura] Examples:
  • Postcrash email work - recommend another branch for this too [ozten]



  • Processed a SkipList change yesterday, bug 588438, which was needed for beta4


  • Team dinner Tuesday, HBase user group Wednesday with Daniel presenting
  • Please book travel ASAP


  • Rob Helmer joining the team from 9/13, will be at the onsite
  • Dealt with a couple of webapp security bugs today (thanks to stephend for finding these)